Remodeling fur coats

New fashion furs are not the only options for a remodel. A coat that has been passed down in your family for generations can also be altered and fur coat remodeling is a great way of bringing older fashion furs up to date with the current trends. Owning fur coats you’ve received as a family heirloom is a great way to feel luxurious and extravagant; however, the styles may be outdated and there may be an off smell. These problems are easily fixed when you consider a professional furrier for any fur coat remodeling needs.

Fur is a unique material in that it can be easily taken apart and put back together to remodel a coat. Fashion furs are constantly being updated and it can be a costly endeavor to keep buying new styles--it’s much cheaper to remodel a coat. However, a furrier does not automatically jump right into the fur coat remodeling process. Fur coats need to be examined for damage or other issues first, during a coat appraisal. Existing damage or problems on your fur coats can make it difficult to remodel a coat, considering they may affect the way a coat can be cut or altered. A furrier will want to ensure your fur coats are in good condition before taking anything apart.

Coat appraisal

During the coat appraisal process a furrier will look for any thinning or discolored patches of fur, along with any rips or tears. These issues can cause further damage if they aren’t addressed right away before the fur coat remodeling begins. This is just another benefit when you decide to remodel a coat-any existing damage gets taken care of by a professional. Coat appraisal doesn’t only occur when you remodel a coat. A furrier will address any issues with your fur coats if you decide to take advantage of professional storage facilities as well in order to ensure you get your coats back in the same condition you left them.

Do you want to remodel a coat?

Fur coat remodeling can take any number of forms. You can alter the length of the coat, the position of the armholes, or you could choose to reline a coat, among other things. All of these alterations will create a seemingly new design, something akin to the designs on the current market. Fur coats are a treasure and you want to make sure your coat lasts for as long as possible. Fur coat remodeling can help with that, as it can also disguise any damage during the alterations.