Trends of fashion furs

Luxury coats are a true sign of a dedicated fashionista. Fur coats have been worn by the most elegant style icons for years and it is a hobby of many to watch as these fashion furs have evolved over time. The styles are constantly changing, leading fashionistas to own multiple luxury furs. However, this can be an expensive endeavor. Imagine a second scenario as well: you are gifted fur coats from a relative--fur coats which have been passed down in your family for generations. The styles are outdated and they smell a little musty. What do you do?

The easy, simple answer few realize is that you can restyle a coat. Fashion furs have unique qualities which make them easy to take apart and put back together differently. Full length furs can become shorter fur coats in no time, modeled after the modern furs of today. It isn’t hard to restyle a coat, particularly when you hire a professional furrier, or someone who deals exclusively with creating, designing, and repairing fur coats. Their expertise comes from years of working with the material and following the trends and styles. Furriers are always eager to update fur coats and meld older, established styles with up-and-coming, newer trends.

How to restyle a coat

If you do decide to restyle a coat, never do it yourself. You can easily cause further damage to fur coats if you attempt it yourself. Dealing with them really does require knowledge and expertise. The first thing a furrier will do is a coat appraisal. It’s important to know what condition your fur coats are in before even beginning to restyle a coat. If they are falling apart, they will be more difficult to take apart and restyle, ultimately causing more potential damage than good. Once a furrier is assured your fur coats are in excellent condition, he can begin to restyle a coat.

A furrier will always discuss with you how you want to restyle a coat. Fashion furs require time and precision, so if you want your fur coats back by a specific date, always remember to leave the furrier plenty of time to do the job. After all, you can’t restyle a coat overnight. When everything has been established and any decisions have been made, a furrier can begin to alter your fashion furs.

There are a lot of benefits to deciding to professionally restyle a coat. Primarily, you are saving money. Buying new luxury furs each time there is a new style will become an incredibly costly endeavor. Instead, you can alter your fashion furs and restyle a coat to replicate the new trends you see in the stores. This will save you money and you’ll also be able to hang on to your coat for a little longer.