Wearing fur coats

Fur coats have a longstanding tradition of being great insulators, keeping people warm before other sources of heat came about. Fur coats have withstood the test of time and today are considered a high fashion statement of luxury and extravagance. Fashion fur jackets and coats, when cared for properly, can handle a bit of rain and snow. However, once winter is over, the question becomes how to handle storing coats. Storage is just as big a part of caring for furs as fixing any rips or tears is. In the summer, using a coat storage facility is a great idea; then you don’t have to worry about doing any damage unintentionally.

Storing coats

Furs are a unique material. Surprisingly, storing coats can do just as much damage as wearing sharp jewelry or getting chemicals on your fur coats. Those at a professional coat storage facility handle fur coats with care and know how to go about storing coats safely. This is always the best option for handling fur coats during the summer months.

Places for storing coats are not all created equally. Cedar closets, for example, are not advised for storing coats and fashion furs. They absorb moisture, drying out the fur and leather, causing more potential damage. A professional coat storage facility stores fur coats and other fur garments in the proper storage containers. Caring for furs is practically a second nature to these experts, so you can expect your fur coats to receive the best possible care.

Other professional services that you can take care of with regard to your jackets and coats in the summer is to have them checked regularly for rips, tears, or other signs of damage. Treating these issues when they arise as opposed to waiting will keep the damage from getting any bigger.  Then a furrier or someone who deals with creating, repairing, or designing fur jackets and coats can begin storing coats for you without missing a beat.

Storing coats safely in the summer months

In the summer months, you want your fur coats to be somewhere you feel confident with. You’ve made quite an investment to own and continue caring for furs, and the last thing you want to do is have to worry about them getting damaged, lost or stolen. A professional coat storage facility will take care of your items without making you worry. Dropping off and picking up your fur coats is as easy as possible. If you’re from out of state, you can even mail in your items if you find a great place.