Advice for storing furs

Fur coat storage is a big part of making sure your fur jackets last as long as you want them to. But the question becomes, “how do you safely store fur jackets in the summer months?” As with other articles of clothing, fur jackets and other types of fashion furs have a shelf life; however, treating them like regular articles of clothing won’t help that shelf life. Taking special care of your fashion furs will ensure they have a long life filled with great memories, whether you bought them yourself or had them handed down to you. There are two big points to consider when you are storing furs and they both involve what you store them in and how you store them.

Personal coat storage facilities

If you are storing furs in your own home, you need to be sure of a few things. First, avoid cedar closets. While traditionally you would consider coat storage as just a way to get your winter coats out of the way, you do need to be aware of your coat storage facilities. Cedar closets, for example, draw the moisture out of your furs, leaving them vulnerable to potential tears and other damages. Additionally, your instinct to put your fur jackets and other fashion furs in garment bags may seem like a good idea. After all, what better way to ensure any coats with fur stay away from other articles of clothing? However, garment bags aren’t the best for fur jackets or any types of fashion furs. It provides them with little room to breathe and can cause the furs to become matted or pulled out, leaving bare spots. Professional fur coat storage facilities will ensure your fur jackets and other fashion furs are treated in the best possible manner, stored in safe facilities.

Storing furs free of chemicals

One unrecognized danger to many fur jackets is moth balls, air fresheners, or other items with chemicals. These substances can cause some pretty funky odors or discolored patches on your fur jackets. Coats with fur need to be cared for carefully and this includes even the smallest potential issues with fur coat storage.

Using professional coat storage

Professional coat storage facilities won’t fall victim to these rookie mistakes when storing furs you value. Experts at professional coat storage facilities know how to protect your fur jackets and other types of fashion furs. All coats with fur and other garments require special care and you know you’ll get it with the professionals. As an added bonus, you won’t have to make space in your closet again.